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Outside Plant Engineering

Network Design - We provide professional & innovative designs for various types of systems:

  • FTTx
  • Fiber Transport
  • Wireless
  • Data Traditional Coax
  • FITL
  • IPTV
  • Traditional Copper

Construction Plans & Specs

  • We provide plans, specifications, schematics, construction sheets & special drawings for direct buried cable, duct systems, underground cable, aerial cable & service entrances.


  • We provide staking using the latest proven technology & provide our clients with staking sheets that have been produced & archived using the latest GIS mapping systems.

Right-of-way Procurement

  • We provide submission of all state, county, railroad & private ROW Permits that are involved in the construction corridor.


  • OSP Supervisor- this person will be the on site project manager & will report directly to the owner / manager.


  • Inspector – this person will be on site observing the construction to make sure the contractor adheres to the contract.